“Doctor, doctor,” said the anguished man. “I can’t satisfy my wife in bed any more, what shall I do?” The doctor sent him along to see an alternative healer who specialized in helping couples with this type of problem.

“When you’re making love,” he was told, “the healer will wave a fan above your heads and this will help stimulate your wife into having an orgasm.”

So the scene was set for the following evening. As the healer waved the fan, the couple did their bit, but alas the woman remained unsatisfied. Heartbroken, the embarrassed husband said to the healer, “I bet you couldn’t do any better!”, so they changed places and as the husband waved the fan, the couple writhed beneath him. In no time at all the woman had a marvelous orgasm, and the husband said bitterly,
“You see, that’s how you’re supposed to wave the fan!”

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